JSON Extractor node

This node is similar to String template node, except that it parses JSON from a single input and can extract just the relevant part. You can also template it, to add more to the node’s output.

For example, let’s say the input to the node is the following JSON:

    "forecast": {
        "location": "Hill Valley, CA",
        "summary": "Warm and sunny",
        "details": {
            "temperature": 23,
            "temperatureUnit": "C",
            "clouds": 3,
            "cloudsUnit": "%"
    "dateReadable": "October 21, 2015"

You can extract it with this template:

On {{dateReadable}}, in {{forecast.location}}, it is going to be {{forecast.summary}}.

This will render into:

On October 21, 2015, in Hill Valley, CA, it is going to be warm and sunny.

However, if you wanted to extract the entire forecast, the template {{forecast}} would render [Object]. This is because the node is a subset of handlebars, which render things in JS style.

In order to avoid this, prefix your JSON key name with the word json followed by a whitespace.

Therefore, the correct template would be:

{{json forecast}}